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It starts with the firm assumption that we cannot sit by and allow the wildlife of the world to be exterminated in the 21st century. We have an inherent responsibility to protect the natural heritage and diversity still remaining on earth.

IWT's intelligence gathering, collaborative efforts, and case development against organized crime aim to disrupt and dismantle criminal organizations and their leadership, and ultimately permanently deprive them of the proceeds and assets of their destructive behavior.

International Wildlife Trust is committed to combatting both the causes and effects of illegal wildlife trafficking by focusing on transnational organized crime groups who have escaped the consequences of their criminal activities to date. IWT tackles the complex nature of trans-border crime and international investigations—complexity that all too often benefits organized crime and their global enterprises.

IWT works with investigators in NGOs, International Organizations, and governments to assemble a detailed picture of the criminal enterprises that direct and facilitate the multi-billion-dollar trade in elephant ivory and other illegal wildlife and timber production.
The foundations for our long-term success develop from building trusted networks and collaborations that prepare evidentiary packages for prosecution and asset forfeiture.

Unlike governments, IWT has no conflicting financial priorities. We respect the work of others in this sphere, pledge not to betray their confidence, and will apply our unique expertise to efforts already in place without unnecessary duplication.

We target our efforts on the most dangerous and prolific wildlife trafficking enterprises, wherever they are, and will always maintain the highest ethical standards to meet this challenge.


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